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If you are more into doing club mixes and want to use different controllers that have more bells and whistles, most controllers will work with this software. I can toss this in my laptop backpack with the other things I carry in a bag for DJing, and go. Gana dinero con nosotros. So, my main concern with picking a controller is one that would work well and has a Traktor. These work with the software and you don’t have to do anything once you subscribe but scroll down to find «Content Unlimited» then «Search Audio» or «Search Karaoke» or «Search Video» Depending on which you are wanting and have subscribed to Content Unlimited is great. Este es un modelo nuevo de este producto: I was consider the Nocturne which is about the same price, but for my use, this is better.

Nombre: virtual dj para controlador numark dj2go
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Sistemas de operación: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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When I used it with the included cable the next time that has a noise isolation torrid it worked just fine. Comparar con artículos similares. If the jog wheels where positioned differently or smaller, there might be room for small faders. I was consider the Nocturne which is about the same price, but for my use, this is better. I am a bare-bones radio DJ that mixes, so I do not need the jog wheels, and all the other solutions are overkill for what I am doing, and also a lot larger. Ver preguntas y respuestas. Este es un modelo nuevo de este producto:

I use this with Traktor on my Mac.

Skin VirtualDJ Numark DJ2GO

Hasta 9 horas y 30 minutos – Peso: I was pretty upset about this at first, but I do love the pro version and all it has to offer. Control de ancho de banda basado en IP.

Gana dinero con nosotros. Saltar al contenido principal. Numark ha cambiado esto con el DJ2GO.

virtual dj para controlador numark dj2go

Si – Condiciones ambientales: Has Traktor2 and other DJ app presets freely available, compact, faders are decent quality, price, I got this for occasional DJ gigs where I want to be able to cross fade while changing tempo for use with Traktor. Panel de LEDs verdes – Fusible: For the most part they are logical and make sense with the labels printed on the controller. I was consider the Nocturne which is about the same price, but for my use, this is better. I am a simple, straight forward DJ and most of the gigs I get are clients just wanting music played with one song faded into the next.


Incluido con DJ2GO viene una versión especial de Virtual DJ diseñado para trabajar perfectamente con las capacidades del controlador, para que puedas usarla en donde necesites. Comparar con artículos similares. Recomendar a un amigo.

Controlador Numark Para Virtual Dj – Audio Profesional y DJ en Mercado Libre Argentina

I will say that if you are planning to use the included Virtual DJ software for professional use, you are going to have controladot pay a monthly subscription fee or a very high price for a lifetime use of the software that will allow you to use this professionally. DJ2GO pesa sólo 13 onzas pero ofrece un set de controles familiar para todos los DJs que incluye dos platos, un crossfader, controles contgolador volumen y pitch apra como controles de ganancia para la Deck A, Deck B, Master y Auriculares.

If you don’t like the included software or don’t want to pay subscriptions or purchase the full version at a ridiculous price, then you can use this with other DJ software if you want to take the time to learn how to map it out, unless it already has it set up to choose from in a list in the software.

Preguntas y respuestas de clientes.

virtual dj para controlador numark dj2go

Cualquier DJ profesional lleva un equipo de repuesto, y DJ 2Go es la herramienta perfecta para tener a mano numaro si acaso. Activar pedidos con 1-Clic.

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Todas las tarjetas de crédito En 12 cuotas. I have been using this in my mobile DJ rig and I absolutely love it!


Nukark big issue for me was how difficult a controller is to configure for my DJ software. The default mappings which can be changedare good enough that I decided to try the virtuall mappings out for my first gig using this controller. Detalles del producto Dimensiones del producto: The karaoke subscription is totally NOT worth it. I could hardly find anything in karaoke that I searched for and of what I did conhrolador, the music was not up to par in half of it.

I can not speak to the music video subscriptions as I have not given that a try or had the need for it, but I may try it out soon, just to see, but I already have a collection of music videos of almost everything from the 80’s and that is usually the only time I do Video Jockey is 80’s events.

Numark Dj2go Controlador Portatil Profesional De Virtual Dj | DJ JACKOV

I am not a club DJ who does a bunch of fancy mixes and remixes, so I love the dm2go and small size of this controller. Todos los dias podes pagar tus compras hasta en 8 cuotas sin interes Nothing fancy, but simplicity is what I was after and this has been perfect! Inicio La Empresa Computadoras Contacto. The volume controls for the individual tracks are located up top next to the headphone volume on one side and the main output volume of the other side above the jog wheels that a mapped to scratch by default.

It has everything I need to do a simple job that makes my customers happy.